What's goodie?


I am the founder of IceBurgh Society Entertainment. Coming up in the Canadian Hip Hop industry, like so many dope talent in Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae and other urban genres, I found there wasn't alot of avenues or opportunities for artists to showcase their music. Experiencing this first hand, I chose to instead of speaking about change, to become toeh change myself, which became the beginning of IceBurgh Society Entertainment. 

With my background in Business and Marketing, in 2015, I started IceBurgh Society Entertainment as a Canadian music blog, showcasing any and all Canadian talent I could find that I felt were being overlooked. During that time as well, in looking for other avenues I could produce, I created different webseries such as #16BarsofFame, PREMIERE, and the IceBurgh Invitational Performance League webseries, which was the coverage of the IceBurgh Society Entertainment created performance league. Also, IceBurgh Society Entertainment started to provide artist-specific services, such as videography, merchandising and CD duplication.

Three years and thousands of independent Canadian music shared later, IceBurgh Society Entertainment has added to our achievements: we have became an independent music label. We're excited to becoming a major player in the Canadian Hip Hop industry, and look forward to providing many more opportunities to Canadian artists to showcase them across the world.


- Chezare Miller (aka chezza)