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The newest review will be on Barrie MC Adam Walsh's latest project "The Ramblings LP". Read the review below:


What's up all my party people!!


Ronin Reviews here again for your reading pleasure, and this time, the album i'm looking at is "Ramblings LP" from Adam Pro Walsh which was released September 2015. Hailing from Barrie, Ontario, Walsh has been a contributor to the scene for a while, whether solo or part of the hip hop group First Kingz, and has always been one to deliver, with this being no different. 


Alot of these songs are blessed with aggressive delivery with every verse, but unfortunately, some (Maniac, Big Dreams) are tracks that don't immediately grab you and will have to grow on the listener with multiple plays. Others (Dirty, I'm The Man) showcases Pro Walsh's strengths: destroying beats, and flowing furiously, that should leave any in search of hip hop very satisfied.


The production has a very wide range as well, going from sobre and melodic (Welcome To The World) to classic hip hop flavor (I'm The Man). The contributors on this project are Urban Havoc, JL Prophet, and Screwaholic amongst others.  


With only 11 tracks on this collection, Walsh also does something, in this feature heavy music age: keep the features list short and sweet. The only feature comes from an ill fellow Barrie native and indie ambassador, Urban Havoc. The bulk of the collection Walsh takes upon himself to bring the heat, and I rather enjoy that refreshing change of pace.


Overall, a solid foundation for Walsh to continue to build on in 2016. 


"Notable Tracks"


Put It Down:

 The way you create an intro in my humble opinion. Walsh begins this collection with a progressively aggressive verse, matched with a Primacy produced beat seemingly ripped straight from the 90's. A solid "quick sell" of what to expect going into this listening session.



Another seemingly match made in hip hop heaven, Pro Walsh is likened to an insane arsonist, settling flame lyrically to everything in his sights. The aforementioned match comes with menacing delivery over the quirky synths and drum combo within Soupman's offering. There's a Seinfeld joke here, but I'll just sayit's a great track.

Get a copy of the album, "The Ramblings LP" HERE

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


























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