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Brimlow "That Hooligan"


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The newest review will be on Vancouver rapper Brimlow's album, "That Hooligan". Read the review below:

What's good Iceburgh Citizens!?


As always, it's the time for my self anointed "one stop shop" for getting a link to some of the best independent musical artists our beautiful country has to offer, "RONIN'S REVIEWS"!!


And today is sure to be an interesting listening, as we're hopping the nonsensically expensive plane to head to the Left/West Coast, Vancouver, British Columbia to be exact. Ladies and gentlemen, within this beautiful area resides the microphone checkah', today's selection, and Move  Right Music representative, Brimlow!! Now Brimlow has traveled many kilometers town to town growing up, and built himself up as we'll see by reviewing his 2017 release, "That Hooligan". Of course, I shall provide the various social media/business links to get a hold of the rapper, the merch, and support the movement below, buuuuut... ON TO THE REVIEW!!!

First things first, I really love the West Coast, and have loved what I've seen/heard from out that way, with artists such as Attikus, J Geezy (Surrey, BC), and K-Riz among others, Brimlow follows in a long line of formidable bar dispensers, and fits right in. I'm sure there are pretty wack ones, but I have a very low ratio of coming across a wack West Coast artist so far, as he provides what you'd expect from the front-runner (charisma, the "it" factor) in the modern rap era, but manages to have a great presence on a record. 'Low ('cuz everyone needs nicknames)
comes off almost like a young Warren G with how poignant, yet melodic his delivery is on each track, and doesn't falter even when with collaborators Vicky Chand, and TOSHAY (also, damn TOSHAY, warn us you're horrorcore next time, geeze lol).

Of course, since it's the West (and some some the best) Coast, you know this album's gonna have the classic G funk vibe through out, and this doesn't disappoint. My favorite example of this is "And I'll Do Mine" where the familiar bass and synths provide a canvas for 'Low to create. The album really only dips in quality at one noticeable part, but otherwise, provides a solid listen through its' entirety. The unfortunate bi-product of being a short listen however, clocking in at roughly 25 minutes, is that it does leave you wanting more, yet doesn't give the tracks the opportunity to breathe and leave a lasting impression or stand out to the listener. The closest to that is, "Limo Can't Wait", which seems to be "single" ready, but that's something I'm sure the Move Right Music Collective have already planned for with future releases. I'd also like to see what Brim can do under another region's producers arena, but for new fans, Brimlow's "The Hooligan" just give a good teaser or what's to come, but I'm personally waiting for "The Hooligan" to become "The Boss" over time.


Standout Track:


"And I'll Do Mine"

"Limo Can't Wait"

Get a copy of the album "That Hooligan" HERE


Rating: 3 out of 5 

(Worthwhile listen, definitely too short)













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