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Ironman. Captain America. Action. Drama.


You get tons of this and more with Marvel Studios' latest offering in "Captain America: Civil War". This is a movie that pleases every section of comic fandom, from the casual moviegoer, to those such as myself pointing out the obscure references and easter eggs to company that couldn't care less. Using nearly every available character on the MCU roster (Thor and Hulk withstanding), the story put together is one that becomes less about choosing sides, but rather almost watching your parents plan a divorce before your eyes. As the Avengers splinter over ideological differences, there's no true "wrong" in action faction's movements or decisions.


The cinematography in this movie is incredible, from the condensed, claustophobic chase in Germany, to a epically scalled full out brawl that is THE centrepiece of the  second act of the movie. The Russo brothers (Anthony and Joe) took their time with the choreography to ensure each marvel character has a moment to shine without it being at the cost of another. The fighting/action is shot flawlessly, and clear with no signs of shaky cams, showing how much of a labour of love this was for the Russo brothers.


Lastly, the best part of this movie of course: the characters.


Robert Downey Jr seems revitalized in playing the role of Tony Stark, possibly due to the subject matter in the movie adding some much needed depth into his character and the universe. Chris Evans will die playing Captain America, as I truly can't see anyone else wielding the Shield with the conviction and performance he brings when humanizing Steve Rogers the man. Newcomers Tom Holland, and Chad Bosewick absolutely shine As Spiderman and Black Panther respectively. What could have potentially been another case of too many cooks in the kitchen (I'm looking at you Ironman 2) no one feels forced in, and everyone's motivation is crystal clear.Of course you have Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, amongst others, but Holland and Bosewick absolutely delivered and stood toe to toe with RDJ and Evans. This is truly THE culmination of nearly 2 decades of universe building, and my goodness, it paid off big time as the finest Marvel Cinematic Universe movie to date.


Rating = 5 out of 5 



















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