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The newest review will be on Toronto MC Church Chizzle's sixth project "The Prophecy". Read the review below:


It's been a minute Iceburgh citizens, but it's time once again for a "RONIN REVIEW"!!


I , of course, am RONIN, and after a bit of time off, we're back here showcasing some of the best Independent musicians/artists Canada has to offer, and what an offering we have this time.


Today's review comes from long time Toronto, Ontario representer and Emcee, Church Chizzle. The Megacity native is following up his prior acclaimed releases, "#4sixteenAM" and the "Go To Church" mix tape series with his latest outing,"The Prophecy". 

An instant comparison that can be made here, is if Drake is the Avengers as the "6 God" with its bright lights and explosions, Church Chizzle definitely represents the Netflix Daredevil series. Both artists bring a trademarked swagger that comes with hailing from The Dot, but Chizzle's offering is a much grittier look at the city, with a mesh of heavy drums and haunting tones, than what is usually presented out of "Screwface Capital". Most of the tracks carry that sombre sound, exemplified by standout cuts such as, "Goldmine", and "MYA (Miss You Already)". Church handles all of the bar work himself, only opting for a feature in the form of Dia's lovely hook on the closing track. That in itself, in this world of feature heavy releases, is a rare and encourageable feat, and Church definitely delivers on that end. 

The only downside to this collection, is the short listen length (roughly 25 minutes) which never really lets the mixtape push its foot down and hit the next gear; which I'm finding is becoming the norm in this new digital age. A turning of the corner seemed to be the case with the ending song, "All The Money", but of course it ended. A very "in and out" listening experience, which although can leave the listener wanting more, doesn't really give the project a chance to get its footing in terms of leaving a lasting impression neither. Most definitely a task for future release, but with another solid one in the bag, is also one that only goes to further build anticipation for fans of Mr. Church Chizzle.

Get a copy of the album, "The Prophecy EP" HERE

Rating: 3.75 out of 5


























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