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The newest review will be on Ottawa MC Alex Silas & The Subterraneans' project "Tunnels: Season One". Read the review below:


What's up, party people!!

It's time yet again for another (drum roll please) "RONIN REVIEWS"!! Always doing what we can to  showcase all the hard working independent artists withing our beautiful country.


For today's review selection, we go to someone who is one of my favorite people who's been doing it for YEARS in Alex Silas, who continues his role as a cog in the eclectic Roots-esque machine known as The Subterraneans. The band is following up their last project released in 2014 "Roots" comes "Tunnels: Season One" which is currently available on their official website, which can be reached at

Right off the bat, Alex Silas & The Subterraneans set an off beat tone musically, and sonically to a magnificent degree. The pros of being a part of a live band, the production and live instrumentation always come off top notch, and Silas confidently rides every beat with his off-kilter lyrical ability. The cons would be not enough variety of sound (will say more on this later). Though the collective continues to deliver their music in the hip hop/rock/folk fusion vein of "Hip Hop Hippie" single of their last album, T:SO is definitely much darker turn in terms of content, and overall sound.

Coming in at only 6 tracks, it is unfortunately a short listen, but with the set up of "Seasons", it MAY possibly make sense. Because really, who doesn't wish the first season of their favorite show was longer right?? (Power, Walking Dead, etc.) Otherwise, in comparison to "Roots" it's definitely a much more compact listening experience.


Anyhow, the only other "knocks" i'd have against this is for such a short project, outside of it's lead single/marquee track "Champagne", none of the other tracks have the same ability in sucking the listener in, though "Macau" is, what I've dubbed, "Vintage Alex Silas pub crawl music". So  as always it seems, I do wish for more, but what i got was pretty damn entertaining as well, so I shall keep myself ears tuned in the future. 

Standout Track:



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Rating: 3 out of 5

























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