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The newest review will be on Toronto MC Dre Barrs' mixtape, "God of Demons". Read the review below:


Once again, it's time for THE AWARD WINNING (in my mind), CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED ( again, within my brain), favorite spot to discover some of THE best independent talent our lovely nation has to offer... RONIN'S REVIEWS!!! (cue fireworks, and sparklers) And for today's article, the artist in question has been undoubtedly one of the hardest working deliverers of that lyrical work, and near mythical figure in the scene, Toronto's own DRE BARRS!!!

Courtesy of GRZ Tapez comes his most recent release, "God of Demons" mixtape, which comes fresh off the heels of prior works that have garnered Barrs a feverish, cult-like fanbase in the Dot and beyond.


If you've ever been privvy to Mr. Barrs' social media (Facebook especially), you'll see very little difference in how he carries himself there, in person, to on all the Nugz production of today's selection. Forever the brash arrogance, combined with being a fiery bar supplier that encapsulates Dre Barrs, the mixtape provides the kind of rugged rawness that draws listeners, old and new, in and keeps a firm grip on them. He also does the majority of the leg-work himself with outside features only coming in on a few tracks with marquee big leaguers, Peter Jackson, and Rich Kidd.   
The productions maintains a darker horned, aggressive sound, letting you know this isn't Forest Hill`s version of the "6ix" you're rolling through. Nugz handles 100% of the work on the boards flawlessly for 18 tracks, bringing sounds you`d think come from golden age Alchemist or DJ Premier. To be able to do that in a world full of "super producers" and Kanye Kardashians, MUST be commended and slow clapped. Coming away from this project, the only gripes I had were wishing that there were more examples of Barrs' complex lyrical ability, which if you sleep, you wont notice. But songs like "Coon" end up sounding levels above the rest, due to the mixing of relevant substance, and surprisingly ill wordplay.


All in all though, another success in the Barrs bank, and looking forward to more.  


Standout Tracks:

Something`s in The Air

Get a copy of the album "God of Demons" HERE


Rating: 4 out of 5















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