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IceBurghSociety.com Exclusive Interview:



IceBurghSociety.com: Where are you from?


DRE SPECZ: Toronto...originally from Flemo Park (Flemingdon Park) but relocated to Greenbrae in Scarborough.


IceBurghSociety.com: What got you into Hip Hop?


DRE SPECZ: I've been deeply into music all my life, I grew up listening to deep spiritual and conscious Reggae music. As I grew older I started listening to Hip Hop and realized I liked the energy and that I can relate to the culture and stories.


IceBurghSociety.com: How would you describe yourself as an artist?


DRE SPECZ: As an artist I'd say I'm a realistic MC with a twist of consciousness and street stories. As a whole I'm an MC who respects and lives street intelligence.


IceBurghSociety.com: What led to your style of delivery and beat-selection?


DRE SPECZ: Delivery: I've been a Bone Thug fan since my early teens. So I've developed a liking for the fast (double time) flow. Also being a fan of the east coast sound and style I've become attached to the aggressive and grimey style and sound as well.


Beat Selection: I'm picky as hell when it comes to beats. But I like hard hitting boom bap sounds as well as SOME heavy hitting trap sounding beats. 


IceBurghSociety.com: How do you think you differ from other artists?


DRE SPECZ: I think my realness and authenticity is evident in my music and personality. I try to be as real and humble as I can as a man and as truthful and realistic as I can as an MC. I think also the words I choose to rhyme with stand out in terms of my style.


IceBurghSociety.com: Who influenced your style?


DRE SPECZ: My style is influenced from both reggae and Hip Hop. My messages come from the Roots Reggae side, where as my aggressive and raw style comes from the Hip Hop side. Bone Thugs n Harmony influence my fast flow n melodic hooks while Mobb Deep, Sean Price, MOP (and others) influence my grimey and aggressive sound.


IceBurghSociety.com: What ‘s the most important item in your music collection?


DRE SPECZ: Used to be my CD collection, due to relocations and changes in time, that has changed lol. I'd now say the most important item in my music collection is my computer, as it's more accessible to get ahold of music (new and old) seeing how the digital faze is growing.


IceBurghSociety.com: Dead or alive, who would be your dream collaboration?


DRE SPECZ: I'd say Big Pun, his word play and flow was one of the best. Would be a dope combination.


IceBurghSociety.com: What's the most successful or highest point in your career?


DRE SPECZ: I'd say hanging out n performing with Freeway. Him being an artist I listened to and respected as a teenager, and him also being from the Era of Hip Hop I respect most, made it an all in all dope experience.


IceBurghSociety.com: Any Final Shout-Outs?


DRE SPECZ: Too much to name... 

Big up all artists in the city and in Canada tryna get it, Big up my Flemo heads, Greenbrae heads, my M3GXGSC fam, CHBxTHC, big up Chezza and the iceburgh Society website for all its doing for the industry, Big up Dan Barker, Yung Casper, Tommy Spitz, Solo Products,  Jason Packs, ORACLE RECORDINGS: Big up EVERYONE on the team over there...it's our time 2015!!



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