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Duch Dillinger "Novocaine"



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The newest review will be on Toronto Hip Hop artist Duch Dillinger's album, "Novocaine". Read the review below:


What's goodie Iceburgh citizens, you know what flippin' time it is...*drumroll* It's RONIN's REVIEWS!!!!

Your #1 stop for great insight to product given within our beautiful country. So far... 2017's been interesting, and it's not an alternative fact when i say this will be way more interesting than all that nonsense. Now for today's selection, we have a first in a returnee!!


Following up the beastly 2013 release "Annabelle Lecter" (whatever happened to my review of it...IUNNO) comes the returning Toronto, Ontario mic-matician DUCH DILLINGER ("Poison" is still my shit btw :-P) with her newest product, "Novacaine". As always, i'll post the various purchase/social media links below, but let's just hop right into this!!!

Ms. (better not be MRS dammit!!!) Dillinger returns with a rookie's hunger to get it with her trademark combination of fiery delivery, and octagon ready haymakers bars to show listeners new and returning, she's still not to be taken
lightly from a lyrical standpoint. This combination definitely gets the spotlight treatment when showcased on tracks like "Notice" and "Annie Oakley", while Novacaine also has Duch showing growth on tracks like "Love You If" and "Ugly" in openly displaying her vulnerability, and maturity in her music. 

Overall it's tone is darker than "Annabelle Lecter", so you wont find any "New Boyfriend" humour, or party starters like "Poison" this time around. The sound consists of majority dark synths, accompanied by heavy drums on the tracks, nothing jovial. But due to that move, whether intended or not, "Novacaine" sounds like a more overly focused project.


By only having  11 tracks (clocking in at roughly 40 minutes), its an enjoyable if not quick listen that'll keep loyal
Duch Dillinger fans happy, but may unfortunately, be a bit too "heavy" for new fans.

Standout Track:


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Rating: 3 out of 5













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