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Welcome to the new exclusive interview series, called "My Intro..."! This series will be the first introduction for many talented up and coming artist out of the coldest country out, Canada!


The second feature of the year comes from Belleville Hip Hop artist ENIGMA, as he introduces himself, what brought him to Hip Hop and where he plans on bringing it. Read on. 



IceBurghSociety.com: Where are you from?


ENIGMA: Belleville, Ontario, Canada.


IceBurghSociety.com: What got you into Hip Hop?


ENIGMA: I've always been into music for as long as I can remember and grew up on everything from Black Sabbath to The Fugees. So Hip-Hop has always been in my life to some degree but it wasnt until I got a bit older that I started listening to it religously.


IceBurghSociety.com: How would you describe yourself as an artist?


ENIGMAAs an artist I would have to say I'm more of a boom bap, underground, lyrical, type rapper.


IceBurghSociety.com: What led to your style of delivery and beat-selection?


ENIGMAMy sound is a reflection of the Hip-Hop I grew up on. From Eminem to DMX, I love the energy and the creativity. I'm mad picky with beats, but for the most part, I'm with the boom bap.


IceBurghSociety.com: How do you think you differ from other artists?


ENIGMAI'm more bar heavy then most artists, alot of my influence now comes from battles and I don't dumb anything down.


IceBurghSociety.com: Who influenced your style?


ENIGMA: My style is influenced from the golden era of Hip-Hop, New York artists in particular.


IceBurghSociety.com: What ‘s the most important item in your music collection?


ENIGMA: That would have to be my project "Inhale Wisdom, Exhale Greatness".


IceBurghSociety.com: Dead or alive, who would be your dream collaboration?


ENIGMAEminem, Papoose or Big L.


IceBurghSociety.com: What's the most successful or highest point in your career?


ENIGMA: Would have to be shooting a music video with Daylyt for our joint "Private Stock".


IceBurghSociety.com: Any Final Shout-Outs?


ENIGMA: First and foremost shout out to The Iceburgh Society for doing this upshout out to Daylyt, JL Prophet, Populah Da Man, Trilogy, Mic Gutz and everyone else involved with my new project, "Inhale Wisdom, Exhale Greatness" and last but not least, shout out to my family and friends that hold me down! I wouldn't be here without y'all!


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