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The newest review will be on Toronto Hip Hop artist Es's album, "We Are Only Getting Older". Read the review below:


What's Up readers, after a long hiatus we are back once again, with another "RONIN Reviews". Your #1 go to spot for all things "indie" in the Canadian music scene. The next couple selections are going to be a one-two punch of the GTA sound, from totally different ends of the spectrum. 

Today's in particular, comes from Missisauga, Ontario repper Es with his release, "We Are Only Getting Older". As one can imagine from the title, this is one man drawing his line in the sand on what I feel is a major topic in Hip Hop, specifically; the rapper expiration date. As always, to get yourself a copy of this project, as well as follow the movement, just click on the links provided at the end of review!!


A man with many kilometers trekked himself, Es (a MAN of 41 years young) has put out a number of projects, and 
even garnering high praise with the "Best Urban Artist" from the Toronto's Independent Music Awards. The time put in is showcased with his lyrics filled with wisdom, intellect, and even a humorous staunch refusal of "riding the wave" for relevance, making the perspective of an older contributor to our culture digestible for younger listeners. Even collaborating artists such as Mathematik, Glad2mecha, and even the dope Gov'nah maintain the proper tone of "We are Only Getting Older", allowing the project to be completely whole in its focus. I also will never miss a Barry Horrowitz reference, so there's always a plus one for that hehe.

The production also maintains the mature tone of Mr. Es' latest project. Varying from Native-tongue like boom bap in "Adult Rappers", to something similar to an early Just Blaze sound on "Looking, Wishing, Searching" (one of my personal favorites), the album clears the checklist of everything you'd want from someone bred off the golden era. As stated earlier, the album doesn't take any unneeded chances or risks (ie. Nelly & Tim McGraw collab), and 
sticks to it's bread and butter making it a very enjoyable experience. Clocking a little in over an hour (minus replays of course), Es does an awesome job holding it down for 'Sauga, as well as showing anyone under 35 (such as myself turning 31), that it isn't as bad as we all tend to think it is.

Standout Track:


"We Are Only Getting Older"

"Looking, Wishing, Searching"

"Grow Old Together"

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Rating: 4 out of 5 

(Definitely gonna be riding to this all
summer/fall easily)













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