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FeedTummies "Food"


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The first review will be on Mississauga duo FeedTummies' (which consists of Mark Jordan and Phil Stomachs) YouTube-only release "Food". Read the review below.



Population Control


The collection starts with a heavy bass line mixed with warping synths and sonics,courtesy of Roswel Beatz, while the artists (Mark Jordan and Phil Stomachs) provide the kinda of menacing growling that would make DMX proud. Nothing here as far as lyrics go, but the beat definitely sets the tone for the road ahead into the actual album.


Have It All


While Dizzee handles the production duties, Feedtummies stunt with their bars, letting any potential "catty" that it's whatever to spend on them. Definitely something the ladies would bounce to, and broke dudes would hate cuz they haven't reached Feedtummies level of G. Hook is simple, and repetitive, making it easy to sing along and memorize... 2.5/5


Days of Our Lives


Right from the get go, Mark Jordan shows how beautiful the producer/rapper combination can be, by riding his creation with effortless skill , while Phil starts the slaughter off proper. The production remains haunting and simple. No overproduction here. The hook is just as "simple" but is memorable, track of the collection thus far... 3.5/5


Fall Back


Another track that right from the opening, The bars come with a flurry, this time courtesy of Phil Stomachs. Jordan continues the energy of the first verse, while mixing in his own flavor,as any credible MC can do, with skill. Another banger in terms of production, this time by Ab straQ, but not doesn't strike the soul like Days Of Our Lives... 3/5




Mark Jordan, who's facing a current 1 year stint, brings the desperation and ruthlessness to his bars that you would expect from a man who knows the clock is ticking. He's planting his FT flag in the ground, and daring anyone to try and test him, absolutely love it. Stomachs also brings a colossal verse to tie it up nicely... 4/5


Sunny Days


It's crazy that the "lighter" tracks on this collection, is still harder than at least 80% of anyone's catalogue. Over another sombre/haunt combo production wise, Phil Stomachs takes the listener over an introspective tale of irony. It's almost a reverse of the last track, where Stomachs over shadows Mark Jordan, which to me, is awesome. It shows both emcees can pull their weight, although the chorus is the first time the "keep it simple" approach doesn't really work for the track... 3/5


Pick Me


This track is more of the same, and is unfortunately lost in the shuffle of the stronger tracks on this mixtape. Not saying it's bad by any means, rather it's not as hard hitting or as memorable as the tracks before it... 2.5/5




Grizzly Beatz delivers another gem of a beat, while Mark Jordan had to have lost his voice after recording this fire verse. Proclaiming "I'ma make it to the sky, before i rest in peace" the duo make it clear they have high aims with this endeavor into the Canadian indie music scene. Phil Stomachs on the other hand, delivers a verse outlining the times tested analogy "no pain, no gain" resulting in a great step back on track after "Pick Me"'s momentary stumble... 3.5/5


We The Sh**


The problem with stockpiling numerous tracks, is that at some point, you will run into tracks that sound similar, such as this one. The vibe can be likened to an earlier track on the collection "Have It All", and though the ad libbing is done with incredible enthusiasm, this track isn't very much memorable... 2/5




A definite change of pace production wise (courtesy of CHill), with a fire verse after a minute of introspection by one half of the GTA duo. Short , sweet, and to the point, can't be mad with that... 3/5


Came Up


FeedTummies take a quick left turn down introspective lane, with Mark being reflective on how important the now is compared to past decisions in life. A breath of fresh air and stand out on the mixtape with a track that sounds like nothing else on this collection. Grizzly Beatz bring a Toronto sound that should have Drake's own 40 envious... 3.5/5




While Mark is taking another moment to reflect, as a listener, you begin to get the feeling of the kind of guillotine hovering over Jordan's head, as time is winding down in his affair.


Special Few


Coming out of that left turn back onto the FT highway, Feedtummies get back to doing what they do best: go hard. Though another track that isn't as memorable as the others, after the momentary direction change, this feels fresh, and Yung Boss provides some heavy bass to let MJ and P Stomachs put another good track in the bank... 3/5


We Are F**cking Tired


As anyone who feels the same from busting their ass everyday, this is the anthem that's needed to ensure sanity remains. Harsh truths in bars, wild flows, and energy take centre stage on this song... 3.5/5


Please Don't Lie to Me


Unfortunately while heading towards the end of the music collection, this addition doesn't pack the oomph needed to leave a lasting impression. Again, when pumping tracks like machines, top notch quality wont be on every one.. 2/5


Only Friend


The closing track on the mixtape, the duo profess the bond that's been forged by brothers-in-arms. The duo lay down a beautiful foundation to build off of once Mark Jordan returns from his time away, and I for one, am excited to see what the future brings... 3.5/5

Ronin Score = 3 out of 5


Very listenable, and a solid groundwork for the duo to work with upon Mark Jordan's return. Being a first time listener, I'd like to hear more in the future.


Thanks for reading, and make sure to check out the music yourselves, and let us know if you agree in the comments section below.