forsaken Exclusive Interview:



Welcome to the new exclusive interview series, called "My Intro..."! This series will be the first introduction for many talented up and coming artist out of the coldest country out, Canada!


We introduce the latest featured artist, 705 MC, FORSAKEN, as he introduces himself, what brought him to Hip Hop and where he plans on bringing it. Read on. Where are you from?


FORSAKEN: I'm from Port McNicoll, Ontario, a small village about half an hour North of Barrie. What got you into Hip Hop?


FORSAKEN: I got into Hip Hop when I first heard Tupac and learned it's a great way to release frustrations and anger, or just able to speak your mind. How would you describe yourself as an artist?


FORSAKENI would describe myself as a horrorcore rapper, an artist that will say or do whatever I feel is right, and speak my mind no matter what. What led to your style of delivery and beat-selection?


FORSAKENI feel me doing alot of tracks that were hit and miss, I found where I wanted to direct my craft and stick to more lyrical underground type rap. How do you think you differ from other artists?


FORSAKENI feel I differ from artists nowadays because there aren't many guys who speak their minds on tracks, a lot are looking for that brainwashed mainstream sound while I'm just making music for myself, people and music lovers of true Hip Hop. Who influenced your style?


FORSAKEN: I feel Necro, Eminem, and Vinnie Paz, influenced my style alot, they gave me the keys to put into my own words. In a similiar style to them there's actually so many artists that influenced me but they stand out the most. I'd have to throw Biggie and Pac in as well, because they were a big part of my childhood. What ‘s the most important item in your music collection?


FORSAKEN: Wow, that's a hard one. I have way to many, but I'll have to say Eminem's "Shady LP" or Tupac's "Me Against the World". Dead or alive, who would be your dream collaboration?


FORSAKENWould definitely be Pac or Biggie hands down. What's the most successful or highest point in your career?


FORSAKEN: I feel right now is my most successful part of my career. I am constantly learning, meeting new artists, and gettin shown love and respect where ever I perform. It's an awesome feeling almost like a drug when you're killing your craft on stage and you have 20+ people come up and say, "Dude u murdered it!". That's success to me. Any Final Shout-Outs?


FORSAKEN: I wanna shout out all my bros, y'all kno who you are! Also 5 After 7, Knostalgia Productions, my homie Jac-o and I'll just say shout out to all 705 and artists worldwide doing there thing. And shout out my moms for always being there for support.


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