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The newest review will be on Edmonton MC K-Riz's album, "Fresh Air". Read the review below:


Whaddup party people?


You know what it is, a brand new edition of "RONIN Reviews", back after a minute. To take a hard left from the usual Ontario selection pool, today showcases the Left coast. We touch down in the city of Edmonton, Alberta to check it's resident rhyme slinger K- Riz. The transplanted Edmontonian's (originally borin in Toronto) latest offering, which was released this past august and is currently available https://krizmusic.bandcamp.com/album/fresh-air, is titled "Fresh Air", and follows up  "The Low" collection (A & B side) released years prior.

Right off the bat, you can hear the melding of more modern drums, along with a twang of g funk that you would get from the left coast sound. My favorite blend of these sounds comes in "Most High" featuring fellow Edmonton MC J-Mello and Honor Roll family Sydney Love. From J-Mello's vocal tweaks, the xylophones, all the way to the bounce of the track just feels like it could've fit it right at home in the Death Row era, while being a sharp contrast. Other shining examples are "Cool Chick", While other a sharp contrast in being inspirational, "call to arms" style anthems such as the opening track "Here" and "Give You The World". The album becomes definitely eclectic at points, but that only serves to show the diversity in K-Riz's lyrical palette. 

K-Riz himself is no lyrical slouch. Using a very sharp delivery, he delivers a myriad of quotables sprinkled throughout the listening experience. At no point do you feel any verse was just "put out there" or something to fill in the gaps, nor any hook or bridge wasted. As diversified as the production of album in terms of sound, K-Riz has in lyrical ability that he proudly displays over the roughly an hour of listening time. It never feels like it drags, or hits low points, just a steady ride of dope bars.

Overall, a pretty damn good re-introduction to the western side of our lovely country. This is not only a definite listen, but one of my favorable listening experiences to have the pleasure to review. K-Riz and his Honor Roll family are firing on all cylinders, and potentially we shall all be watching his next few moves over the year intently.


Great work my dude.

Standout Track:


Most High

Cool Chick

Give You the World

Get a copy of the album "Fresh Air" HERE


Rating: 4 out of 5

























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