keaton know a(n) ignorant optimist  Album Review:

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The second review will be on Kingston artist Keaton's latest project "Know a(n) Ignorant Optimist". Read the review below:


What's good people??

Your man, RONIN, here once again doing a review of another independent artist residing in good Ol' Ontario. I'm also gonna try a new review method to help any readers get to the meat of the music, as opposed to giving play by play.


This time we head out to Kingston, for a young gunner by the name of Keaton Ryan, who in truth, is a jambalaya of many different aspects of the hip hop banner, evident when listening to his latest release Know a(n) Ignorant 

Optimist".  With a variety of displays of lyrical technique, matched with sharp wit, Keaton showcases talent that would catch even the most jaded of ears off guard with his potential in what he represents on this release.

Sonically, "K.A.I.O" ranges from full late Rocafella sound (For the Kingston Rapper), to stripped down bare bone production of today's modern sound (I Know), allowing the melody and Ryan's his versatility to run the show. As a youthful artist, having many tracks in the bank, the project for it's majority has a more "mainstream" aim, but not to the it's detriment. You can hear influences like J Cole on tracks such as "Passionate Paranoia" amongst others, but also the unique aura and approach he brings to his music creating a very unique sound. Rounded out at 14 tracks (roughly 50 minutes in total) it's something fans of Keaton will feel he definitely delivered on, and new listeners be intrigued by how future releases from Keaton will do going forward.

Standout Tracks:

"For The Kingston Rapper"


My choice for 1st single if I were to play A & R on "K.A.I.O". Soulful samples bring forth the aforementioned J Cole influence, sprinkled with a little bit of Rocafaella/College dropout Kanye swagger on the production end of things.
A great launch pad for anynew listener getting their first glimpse of Keaton's multi faceted ability, endearing himself quickly, if not immediatedly. "If you don't live ya life/Know that someone goin' live it for you" indeed.




A shorter offering, Ryan switches effortlessly from harmonizing for thehook, into a fiery fast flow, dropping alot of substance in comparison to today'smodern music realm. Only down point is the second verse, which sounded like a featurecame in with some fire flame, was faded out. But Keaton may be saving that for the next album, in which case, who doesn't mind a bit of teasing every now and then?


"Lord Help Us"


The "hardest" song on the release in terms of production, the haunting twinkles and heavy drums carry the listener and Keaton's flow, whichis like a Nascar driver riding their favorite race track, through a goodshowcase of what he can bring to a sound not in his typical element.

Get a copy of the album, "Know a(n) Ignorant Optimist" at HERE

Rating: 3 out of 5


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