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Last month, IceBurghSociety.com sponsored the Pilot Tour presented by Barker Booking Agency, which hit various cities across Ontario promoting 905 artist, Yung Casper, The tour also hosted a performance competition in every city, to find one top-tier performer. The winner of this competition was Toronto/Eastside Scarborough MC KURSE DREIceBurghSociety.com had a chance to link with KURSE DRE to get more info on the up and coming artist. Check out the exclusive interview below.



IceBurghSociety.com: Where are you from?


KURSE DRE: I'm from Toronto, Eastside of Scarborough.


IceBurghSociety.com: What got you into Hip Hop?


KURSE DRESnoop Dogg's first album Doggystyle. I wasn't allowed to have it because of its explicit content but when I got my hands on a copy I couldn't stop listening to it, that's when I fell in love with hip hop.


IceBurghSociety.com: How would you describe yourself as an artist?


KURSE DREElectrifying with an explosive delivery, simple but effective with catchy lyrics that'll stick in your head. I rap about real life encounters and give the listener's something to relate to.


IceBurghSociety.com: What led to your style of delivery and beat-selection?


KURSE DREMy brother from another makes most of my beats, Denver the Producer from Luv Lee productions  I think he's one of the best producers, his beats and my lyrics go perfect together.


IceBurghSociety.com: How do you think you differ from other artists?


KURSE DREMy sound and style. A lot of artists now a days tend to sound the same and don't bring the energy that I do.


IceBurghSociety.com: Who influenced your style?


KURSE DREThere are a lot of different artists that influenced me, the top 5 would have to be Notorious B.I.G, 50 Cent, Young Jeezy, Juicy J and Fabolous.


IceBurghSociety.com: What ‘s the most important item in your music collection?


KURSE DREWould have to be the very first mixtape I did with my squad 5 Deuce in high school. It was recorded on the worst mic but the lyrics were dope, it was the only time you got to hear a CD with the whole group on every song.


IceBurghSociety.com: Dead or alive, who would be your dream collaboration?


KURSE DREWould have to be Biggie, 2 pac or Ol Dirty Bastard R.I.P.


IceBurghSociety.com: What's the most successful or highest point in your career?


KURSE DREI feel it hasn't come yet. I believe there is so much in store for me but every time I do a show and the crowd reacts to my music, loving my songs, it's the best feeling.


IceBurghSociety.com: Any Final Shout-Outs?


KURSE DREShout out to the man above and my mom dukes for putting up with my crazy ass all those years. Shout out all my niggaz reppin the T dot my 5 Deuce Fam, Slug, Money and Loyalty, GSC, M3G, and King of Punchlines. Shout out my nigga Denver the Producer for dem fire beats and DJ Mercilless for mixing my shit down propa and to everyone I missed, yall  know I smoke a lot weed so be mad at a nigga. 


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