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The newest review will be on Winnipeg MC, Len Bowen's EP "Goin Away Party EP". Read the review below:


Yes, yes, yes, it's that time once again, presented by the IceBurghSociety.com, is another edition of "RONIN Reviews"!!


Once again Party People, it's that time yet again , presented courtesy of Iceburgh Society, a brand new edition of "RONIN Reviews", and on the musical menu for this article, we head back out west to check transplanted Winnipeg, Manitoba rhyme slinger, Len Bowen. Mr. Bowen follows up his prior release "Long Story Short"EP with "Goin Away Party" right in time for turkey day (thanksgiving) in some households, and waves his freshly woven Move Right Music Records wave proudly.

The 5 track EP on a whole, I would describe the same way I would the new Luke Cage series that recently debuted on Netflix; a modernized twist on the classics we all grew up with and love. Futuristic singed production, gets match with delivery and presence seemingly plucked right out of the golden age of hip hop. The standout track is of course, "Tonight" which features Juno winners (individually) JRDN, and Rich Kidd, where Bowen and Kidd trade verses while celebrating life.

Being a 5 song EP, it's incredibly short, but even within that short space of time (roughly a half hour) manages to hit so many different tones, that it's tolerable. Definitely something quick, easy to digest for new listeners , and get people amped for what can come down the line. Also, be sure to go their social media sites, to COP and SUPPORT all indie hustlers!! WE OUTTA HERE!! 

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Rating: 3 out of 5






















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