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The newest review will be on Kingston MC Pretty Boi KO's latest project "Road to Success". Read the review below:


Whaddup Iceburgh Citizens!!!


It's ya boy, Ronin 705, coming at you with yet another "Ronin Review" (love the illiteration).


For today's entry, we globe trot south en route to Kingston, Ontario, to listen in on Pretty Boi KO's latest outing , "Road To Success".


A representative of the SGP conglomerate , this 30 year old Trinidad native brings a flavor that gels well with today's current musical climate. The album is currently out for release on bandcamp, as well as other streaming platforms such as iTunes, and Spotify, with the album roll out going strong.


The once mixtape that evolved into a full album, boasts an array of production, with many ear catching hooks (courtesy mostly of Vokal Legend) but not so much in terms of subject matter. Being a young man, that's more than understandable, and tracks like "Celebrity" and "All My Life" exemplify that style that is well suited for radio play. In my case as a finicky listener, my favorite "gem" on the project is the introspective "Above the Clouds" as its a fresh change of pace in comparison with the rest of the bouncier, hype album cuts.


Also included on this collection are key note worthy features, including fellow SGP squad member Notion (more on this later), and a number of catchy hooks courtesy of Vokal Legend, which enhance the auditory ride that is "Road To Success". Another short and sweet offering with 11 tracks, as I said earlier, my only wish is to get more tracks to know the man behind the emcee.


Standout Tracks:


Smoke featuring Notion:


From what I believe is the first single, KO and Notion come out the gate with a real dope smoker's anthem. Notion absolutely shines with his feature with a smooth flow, and sharp bars. PBKO follows up and maintains the tone of track as something any smoker should enjoy.


Above The Clouds:


As stated earlier, this track is a change of pace from every other track on the album, so it immediately stands out to me. A sort of look at the rearview mirror of life, it's refreshing to hear Pretty Boi approach a track from a different angle, and would be something I'd like to hear more of going forward.

Get a copy of the album, "Road to Success" HERE

Rating: 3 out of 5


























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