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Saipher Soze x Daniel Son

"Divizion Rivals"



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The newest review will be on Toronto duo Saipher Soze and Daniel Son's album, "Divizion Rivals". Read the review below:



Since I'm not one of those "new year, new me" nonsensical folks, we're gonna keep doing what we always do round these parts...RONIN'S REVIEWS!!! I'm hoping you've all received the various gifts, along with solid family time over the holidays that is essential because today's selection (a duo) brings the same kind of synergy.


Based in the Screwface Capitol itself, Toronto for those who need to be caught up, are up and coming artists Saipher Soze & Daniel Son with their collaborative release "Divizion Rivals". They are part of the larger collective of Crate Divizion (Giallo Point, Vic Grimes and PhybaOptikz) who've been releasing compilations and albums since 2013, ranging from instrumental to a flat-out hip hop project, such  as today's pick. 

To break my usual rule (I know, so evil), im going to go over the production first, and to do that, you have to applaud the in-house abilities of Vic Grimes, and Phybaoptikz. Their production in combination with Giallo Point, each has their own distinctions and sound while not disrupting the overall flow and feel of "Division Rivalz". Which ends up leaving it with no real drag or "low point", making the project on a whole easily digestible, and enjoyable on the first time play through. 

As for the bars penned...magnifique.


Both Saipher Soze and Daniel Son bring a full armory of bars to let off in spectacular fashion. On one hand, Saipher brings the charismatic hustler swagger with clever delivery and wit, (ie. "I'm a gentleman.. suede timbz, and leather Letterman's" - Yacht Club) while Daniel Son contrasts by being similar to a buzzsaw cutting through any beat he's on(ie. "Stay prepared for the beef, with steak marinade" - Lucas). Neither are lacking in personality, or quotables, and even the features (3 in total, out of 14 tracks) are used so effectively that again, it doesn't break up the feel of the album.


For me personally, it ends up being a toss-up between "Shrimp Burrito" and "Oxtail Gravy" as my standout tracks (shout out the BLT, with the turkey bacon!!), but both are great for the mood they're set in. 


In closing...Dope album, something people can definitely rock to, and am looking forward to hearing more myself. As usual I'll put the social media links and what not, and go FOLLOW and SUPPORT these independent entrepeneurs.

Standout Tracks:

Shrimp Burrito

Oxtail Gravy

Get a copy of the album "Divizion Rivalz" HERE


Rating: 4 out of 5 (COP THIS!!!)













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