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The newest review will be on Toronto MC Sese's latest project "The Cell Saga". Read the review below:


What's good people??

As soon as the opening came in the form of the official Dragonball Z intro theme song, I knew I was in for a wild ride of a review. The reviewer of course, is I, Ronin705, and today's selection comes from the Screw face Captial itself, Toronto, Ontario. The artist in question is Sese, who's doing a follow up to last year's head turning "Lord Frieza" mixtape. In this go around, Sese dons the moniker of another iconic (and my personal favorite) DBZ villain, "Perfect Cell", for another collection of as I would say "Awesome".


The music is a very "one of a kind" unique blend of clear love for anime, mixed with today's modern "trap" sound. The production is provided from many different directions (POPS, and Z, to oddly name a few) , yet still keeps incredibly on point for the overall dark/hard tone of the collection. Presenting a wildly imaginative, and ki charged fire delivery from Sese himself, this project shapes up to be a good additiong to his "Z Saga" mixtape collection, and yes, I just made that saga name up.


At only 10 tracks, the mixtapes offers a short, straight to point, no fluff tracks listening experience. On a personal level, I'm very pleased and impressed at how someone (in this case, Sese) can take a concept that can be seen as silly, and morphed it into something incredible. Even knowing the heavy "trap" drums isn't exactly "my jam", the amount of smirks I had from all the references is truly something that should be commended. So I eagerly wait to hear him do a Buu themed mixtape, and beyond...but no GT though, that canon can go to hell.

Standout Tracks:


Nimbus Pack ft Jason Packs


Although it can strike you as a typical street anthem, the two wordsmiths (Sese of course, with featured artist Jason Packs) display amazing technique. Both ride the heavy drums like pros, but sprinkling their own spices to make the track a jambalaya of dope.


Cell Games ft Anonymuz


Anonymuz steals this track like a perfectly planned heist. Switching from fiery attack flow, to a syrupy ride of the beat, Anonymuz reminded of a young Ludacris in the sense of why he was feared for features. Sese, to his credit, doesn't go out like Yamcha (i.e. a punk), and gives a great follow up verse, working well with the Ceaza Leon 

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Rating: 3.5 out of 5


























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