shatter theory Exclusive Interview:



Welcome to the new exclusive interview series, called "My Intro..."! This series will be the first introduction for many talented up and coming artist out of the coldest country out, Canada!


The first feature of the year comes from Toronto Hip Hop artist Shatter Theory, as he introduces himself, what brought him to Hip Hop and where he plans on bringing it. Read on. Where are you from?


SHATTER THEORY: I'm from Toronto, Ontario, and represent the city, as well as up North, an hour from Toronto on Lake Simcoe. What got you into Hip Hop?


SHATTER THEORYWhat really got me into Hip Hop was the different styles, and versatility that each emcee can bring to the table. Plus cyphering really got me into the whole Hip Hop culture and scene. How would you describe yourself as an artist?


SHATTER THEORYAs an artist I feel I'm always learning and got a lot to prove. But overall, I'm a lyrical genius type for innovated and unique flow and structure. What led to your style of delivery and beat-selection?


SHATTER THEORYFor me to find my delivery, I gotta be able to freestyle on the beat, and feel out my bars so I can find where i want my flow to be. How do you think you differ from other artists?


SHATTER THEORYI differ from other artist because I'm a sound engineer and a producer as well, so i have plenty of tricks of the trade to acquire the sound I'm looking for. Plus my ability to freestyle and just improvise on the fly. Who influenced your style?


SHATTER THEORY: I got a lot of influence from New York styles; Onyx, Big L and legends like that, but I take in a lot of Jarren Benton and Locksmith to stay relevant. I enjoy their new age approach with authentic roots. What ‘s the most important item in your music collection?


SHATTER THEORY: Minus owning a studio, probably top quality microphones such as a Neumann U87 or Audio Technica AT4060. Dead or alive, who would be your dream collaboration?


SHATTER THEORYI'm stuck between Jay Z or Tupac. Both just have a raw sense in every track that I enjoy. What's the most successful or highest point in your career?


SHATTER THEORY: Probably between producing or sound engineering the music from artists i grew up listening too. Just to have a part in their music is incredibly special for me. Or starting my own record label. Any Final Shout-Outs?


SHATTER THEORY: Shout out my whole team especially J Small, and the work he puts in. Also, Ricky Balboa aka tHa sLk1 on the beats. Just anyone who supports me big ups.


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