SONG OF THE WEEK - Tom MacDonald "Wheels Keep Turning" (Vancouver, BC)

Tuesday June 16, 2015 - This week's #SONGOFTHEWEEK goes out to Vancouver MC Tom MacDonald's visually intense track "Wheels Keep Turning". From the first moment I've heard Tom MacDonald, he always brought quality music, and this song is no different. His flow changes from rapping to singing back to rapping so fluidly, you can't help to catch and follow every word. And the chorus is real dope, very West-Coast-ish but still, very deep. The video itself is something else. Giving a visual of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), a disorder many people who have/had family members who were a part of an army or police force know all too well. To stay in touch with Tom MacDonald and his music, you can link him on his TWITTER, FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM, or you can go directly to his website HERE and download his latest project MACBETH EP.

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Also, keep watching to see and listen to past #SONGOFTHEWEEK artists.

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