SONG of the WEEK - Finalie x Illiano "Fly Away (Brooklyn Tribute)" (Winnipeg, MB)

The #SONGoftheWEEK for the second week of October goes to Winnipeg artists Illiano and Finalie's tribute to their fallen friend and fellow artist, Brooklyn called "Fly Away". Brooklyn without question was a Hip Hop staple in Winnipeg, Canada and the aboriginal community, from his early beginnings with Winnipeg's Most to his latest build with YSMG, so when he died on September 22nd, 2015, it shook the whole nation and everyone who knew him. Illiano and Finalie were YSMG brothers with Brooklyn, and I couldn't ever speak on what this loss means to them, but we as a community are fortunate enough for them to be able to tell us a bit about their loss in this song. Please take a moment and listen to what they have to say, and if you would like to support them by purchasing YSMG gear, please click HERE, all proceeds will go to Brooklyn's family.

YSMG will never let the memory of Brooklyn die, therefore make sure to follow them on their website HERE, and help support them continue on his vision and legacy.

Click HERE to leave a comment or a like and to watch more of his videos. Also, keep watching to see and listen to past #SONGOFTHEWEEK artists.

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