SONG of the WEEK - Snak the Ripper "Assisted Suicide (Madchild Diss)" (Vancouver, BC)

The first #SONGoftheWEEK of November is a no-brainer. In Hip Hop, we found what was done on the mic was just as competitive as a one on one basketball game to prove who is the hands down best between two artists. This could happen either because the two people are vying to be number one, they do not like each other or they had a major falling. In this case, it seems it is the latter. Madchild started everything with an random tweet calling out Snak the Ripper, in which received one of the quickest responses I've seen in a while, and has caused a frenzy online having everyone who rocks with Baxwar and Stomp Down to continuously speak on the matter, and choosing sides. Here at will not be choosing a side, but we will enjoy that the competitive nature of Hip Hop is making a comeback! Therefore #SONGoftheWEEK goes to Snak the Ripper's "Assisted Suicide (Madchild Diss)". To keep following what is going on, make sure to follow Snak the Ripper on his FACEBOOK, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM, plus also keep up with his website HERE.

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