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To All it May Concern,

Twenty-fifteen was a challenging, difficult year. We all witnessed, with our own eyes, as Western society continued to tread heavily upon the backs and necks of its Black citizens. Yes, we can rejoice the issue's heightened exposure -- its introduction into the popular, mainstream discourse -- but the mounting non-indictments of negligent and murderous police officers serves as a reminder that we cannot be satisfied. There remains a lot of work to be done; indeed, whether they be large or small, we will all have roles to play.

Whatever the context, I understand that my role will involve the pen and the pad. I've always been a writer at heart, and have always enjoyed the process -- regardless of whether it was destined for the mic, the screen, or the page. Thus, it is what I submit for, and to, the Revolution: a voice, and an insight.

I have no delusions of grandeur with respect to this role I intend to play; my voice is small, and my insight is, perhaps, not all that deep. I have, however, spent a lot of time off the beaten path -- listening for the sound of lava, if you will -- and can thus offer an input that can prove to be rather singular at times. And I think there is some value in that, regardless of said input's overall consequence. For, surely, the Revolution will need an influx, a myriad of ideas, and various views that can be compared and contrasted.

And so, in this column, I intend to cover as much of the Afro-Canadian experience as possible: everything from the arts to politics; local and current events; queer and gender theories; mental health issues; and, especially, how all of these can, and do, intersect with Hip-Hop music and culture.

As a woke, queer, Black rapper that has endured various mental issues, these are all topics that I hold close to my heart -- topics that impact me, personally, on the daily. And, furthermore, I feel that these are topics we should all be considering on a regular basis. The Black experience is better illustrated as a spectrum as opposed to a monolith. It is an illustration, I feel, we all must acknowledge and respect if we intend for the Revolution to succeed.

And, make no mistake, we will succeed.


Matthew "AntiFrantik" Carter

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