SONG OF THE WEEK - Tom MacDonald "Number 7" (Vancouver, BC)

Another week is here, meaning new music to share to the masses! The weather is looking real good right now, the snow is melting, the sun is shining, and the wind chill has literally chilled. When things feel good, it's only right the SONG of the WEEK reflects that mood!

SONG of the WEEK goes to Vancouver MC Tom MacDonald's ode to his Prairie country roots, "Number 7"! Anyone who doesn't understand what "Number 7" stands for, it's THE old Tennessee Whiskey made by Jack Daniel's, which is only drank by those who can handle it. Personally, I couldn't speak about who Tom MacDonald is, but from following his music, he seems like a guy who likes to enjoy himself on his terms, with his people, and turned up to the max! And honestly, this track feels like it was specifically made for that moment. Within the first four bars of the track he brings you into his history: "I grew up in a small town/camouflage and blood hounds/cheap beer and pickups and dirtbikes and shotguns" while in the video he's surrounded by Harleys, headbanging while putting back shot after shot after shot...after shot. The image he creates through this song and its energy, is opposite of the belief that there is no fun in the Prairies. As Tom MacDonald star rises with each song, he always seem true to himself, which makes sense when he says "you can take the kid out the country, but you can't take the country out the kid".

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