SONG OF THE WEEK - Buck-N-Nice "Welcome to Infinity" (Ottawa, ON)

March 14, 2016

There is a change happening in music. Not sure if you notice it, but the cycle is coming back to when lyrics mattered, when Hip Hop is meant to create change, not just a good time. I'm excited for this resurgence, especially how society has become satisfied with the bare minimum. That brings us into the newest #SongoftheWeek.  


#SongoftheWeek goes to Ottawa duo Buck-N-Nice's newest video "Welcome to Infinity", which is the first single off of their upcoming sophomore LP, "EMAG". We're going to break this down into two reasons why this has made #SongoftheWeek. First we have to speak about the visuals. The way this video is shot is eye-catching from the very beginning. We're introduced to the "book" from the beginning, and how it has pages missing, even though it is the guy's favourite book. It then flashes into a scene with Buck standing in the forefront, and DJ So Nice in the back holding up a page. We don't quite see what's on the page, but that's besides the point, the image is a beginning to what lyrically Buck is conveying. That brings us into the second part. Buck begins with "The liar tells you that he never lies", setting the tone to the beginning of his diatribe against society, and the lies it has fed the masses for decades. For three verses, he describes everything that is wrong with the beliefs we are given, with lines such as "This whole nation was stolen from those faced with a cold Satan/who celebrated in this cold location/and it's not OK, it's perjury/Columbus Day in North American is like a Hitler holiday in Germany". 


As a first single, Buck-N-Nice went straight for the jugular, proving that they aren't just another local group, they are artists who are shooting to achieve greatness. If you haven't heard of Buck-N-Nice, or their music, take this as a great introduction to a duo that are creating their own way into the homes and ears around the world.  





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