SONG OF THE WEEK - Coco Leah "Sunrise" (Toronto, ON)

Happy first day of Spring! Now that winter is officially over, it is time for a change to begin. Understand when it comes to that change, there will be a lot of people close to you, and not close to you that want to see you fail, but you can't let that happen. When a revolution begins, understand that not everyone will understand it, but all you can do is continue to push, until they finally get it. With these thoughts on my mind, this week's #SongoftheWeek is very fitting.

#SongoftheWeek goes to Toronto singer Coco Leah's "Sunrise". A quick change from the plethora of Hip Hop content that I received daily, this brought a good vibe and good message that fit the message I believe should be promoted in music. Coco Leah uses the title "Sunrise" as a metaphor of the daily fight we all face, and gives the listener that extra push to keep fighting in the chorus, "They don't want you to succeed/wanna see you beg on your knees/tell yourself the world is mine/look for a brighter sunrise".

Coco Leah is an up and coming singer out of Toronto, so make sure to check out the video, and make sure to follow her come up, as more good music is expected to be on its way.

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