SONG OF THE WEEK - GrindHouse Project featuring D Cal City "RedSector" (Toronto, ON)

WE'RE BACK!! Took a quick two week hiatus, but now we're back again to share some of the best music Canada's up and coming talents have to offer. In the vein of comebacks, we have snow that returned to blanket the country; the Raptors are returning to the playoffs; and last and certainly not least, GRINDHOUSE PROJECT is back!!

SONG of the WEEK goes to Toronto's GRINDHOUSE PROJECT's first single off of their latest surprise release, "To Kill a Critic" called "RedSector" featuring D Cal City! For those who don't know them, GRINDHOUSE PROJECT is a collective of artists; Trace Motivate, 360, and producers Futurewave & Astro Mega; hailing from infamous Toronto neighbourhood, Rexdale, and in true Rexdale spirit, the music they bring across is lyrically heavy, futuristic, grimy instrumentals with visuals to match. "RedSector" helps to convey the same feeling, which you can hear through 360's intro verse "Cha-pow/How you like me now? Verbal smoking/I made it, radiated, had to detonate it in the ocean/it's rated atomic, it's blowing up in your projects/I went from bomb threat to napalm don vet". If you are still into lyrics over instrumentals, and you don't listen to GRINDHOUSE PROJECT, you are creating a disservice to yourself.

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