SONG OF THE WEEK - Big Kish "Mantra" (Toronto, ON)

Not too many give it up for the ones who came before them. I don't find many people paying homage, bigging up, or even giving shout outs to the ones who paved the way so sites like this are able to be successful highlighting Hip Hop music. And when they do, it seems they only focus on American talent, and not our own homegrown Canadian legends. That is something we don't want to overlook over here at so are excited to share this SONG of the WEEK.

SONG of the WEEK goes to Toronto Hip Hop veteran and legend Big Kish's newest single, "Mantra". Outside of choosing this track due to the artist's status, this track made Song of the Week due to its message and lyrics. He speaks as if this is his first project, relating himself back to the new generation who are trying to come up themselves, and in doing so, he drops jewels throughout the song on how to handle yourself within the industry, even when facing obstacles and opposition. The way he begins the track, the beat has a light happy feel to it at this point, so you get to understand what he will be conveying through his words and the beat. Big Kish begins by saying, "every morning in the mirror, say my sworn belief in/ain't nobody tell my story, so I gotta speak it/everyday a student, every word a teacher/but you get one LP my G, ain't no re-releases". If you are an artist, you know this feeling the moment you wrote down your first lyric, or painted your first picture, or scripted your first story, it's a part of the struggle, but that struggle is something an artist enjoys, which the beat helps push with its simplistic and happy sound.

There's more that can be said about the track, but I'll allow you, the listener to take it in, and make up your mind on your own. Big Kish is back, and this first single is a sign that the music will be relatable to today's generation, but still give us the depth and vibe of music in the past. Don't miss out on the next release, and make sure to follow Big Kish through his soundcloud and other social media.

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