SONG OF THE WEEK - Church Chizzle "All Your Money" (Toronto, ON)

Like we've been saying since the top of 2016, the #IceBurghREVOLUTION has begun, and lyrics will be pushed to the forefront. Take a look back at the SONG of the WEEK music since 2016 started, all of them are lyrically inclined or they have an honest message that deserves to be shared with you. As we continue to support this movement, it seems that most of them have come out of the Hip Hop capital of Canada aka the 6ix aka T Dot, formally known as Toronto. And this week's song is no different.

SONG OF THE WEEK goes to one of Toronto's most promising MCs, the self-proclaimed Leader of the New School, Church Chizzle for his newest release called "All Your Money". After taking some time to dabble in film and networking, Church Chizzle is back with his first release off of his upcoming EP, "The Prophecy". If this track is a "prohecy" (see what I did there) to what is to come from this project, this album will showcase a lyrical and deeper Church Chizzle than before. Church is always good to spit about what he's been through and what he is going through, and this track itself showcases that, but also shows a new Church Chizzle, with a new confident vibe about him, as the last 4 bars of the first verse engulfs,

"you know I'm a go get it/i'm pro wit it/every move is prolific/this no gimmicks/invest in and grow interest/I don't listen/I just mind my own business"

Church Chizzle is one of the most consistent artists I've seen in the Toronto scene, who seems to always stride forward without getting into any local politics, and that is to be admired. It's easy for artists to put a ceiling on their goals locally, forgetting that there is more to do even though you might have already done alot, so when an artist like Church comes through, people will definitely take notice. Make sure you're one of the people that take notice as well, and look him up online, check out his past mixtapes and videos, and support one of the better artists Toronto has yet to let loose.

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