NEW EPISODE - Banglerville Fishing: "Ol' Dirty Bassturds Ep. 2: Clownin' On Em (Largem

Episode 2 Description from Banglerville Fishing's YouTube Page:

"Banglerville is back again on another Bank Bassin' Bonanza! Boog and Dando ended up catching 48 bass between the two of them. 45 of which came on a Clown coloured X-rap and Clown Coloured Shadow Rap..All in all it was an awesome day at their private pond location....Check it out, and dont forget to like, comment and Subscribe!!

Air temp: 20° C

Water temp: 56° F

Wind: Under 10 km/h

Ace's Equipment: -7' MH St Croix Legend Elite Spinning Rod

-some ancient ass 5:2:1 spinning reel

-P-Line Sniper Fluoro 8lb

- Rapala Suspending Husky Jerk, Perch Colour, size 12

-7'3" Abu Garcia Mike Iaconelli Baitcasting rod

-Shimano Chronarch c14 150 6:2:1 Baitcaster Reel

-PowerPro Braided line 30 lb test

Dando's equipment:

-R2F Performance series 6'6" M spinning rod

-Pflueger President 5:2:1 spinning reel

-Trilene 100% fluorocarbon 12lb

-Rapala Shadow Rap, Clown colour, size 12

-Video shot and edited by Ace aka Acetik (ah-sed-ik) of the group Bangerville

-Intro music is performed by Dando aka Daniel Son of Brown Bag Money (prod. by Vic Grimes of Crate Divizion)

-Background music produced by Dubs the Banger of Bangerville"

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