705 artist, CheZZa starts the #7OGChallenge

705 rapper and "7OG", CheZZa is holding a #7OGChallenge in support of his latest single, "7OG". Below you will find the information, rules and download link for the "7OG" instrumental.


Welcome to the 7OG Challenge So here are the rules:


1. Like and tag 3 people on this post

2. Follow @yowdischezza and @iceburghsociety

3. Go to the link on CheZZa's profile, download the 7OG clip, and drop your verse on your IG, tagging both @yowdischezza and @iceburghsociety and use the hashtag #7OGChallenge

Once your video drops, I'll repost it on my IG. Once reposted you are officially submitted.

The deadline to drop your #7OGChallenge is next Tuesday, October 15, 2019.

On Friday October 18th, I will announce the winners.

First Place: $100, 7OG Pack (7OG Snapback, 7OG Hoodie, and 7OG T-Shirt)

Second Place: 7OG Snapback and 7OG T-Shirt

Third Place: 7OG Snapback

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