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IceBurghSociety.com is proud to present a new section of the website called "RONIN Reviews"! Written by Hip Hop artist RONIN, he dives into today's Canadian up and coming Hip Hop music, rating each project song by song!


The newest review will be on Toronto duo Ultra Magnus x DJ SLAM's latest album "Magnus Opus". Read the review below:


Yes, yes, yes, it's that time once again, presented by the IceBurghSociety.com, is another edition of "RONIN Reviews"!!


Today's selection comes from the indie label Handsolo Records themselves, who've been operating out of Toronto Ontario since 1996. The independent label is the home of such artists as  Six Too, Taichichi, Canadian music vet Moka Only, and the artist combination in the hot seat today: Ultra Magnus and DJ Slam. If you simply go off the press release,the duo can seemingly be the types of "weirdos" that a Troy Ave would disparage in interviews,  and yet if you look beyond that, you see that these two are work horses in the sense that once the beats on, it's go time. With their latest offering "Magnus Opus" the duo look to, "make music for babies, the unborn, virgins, Hilary Clinton, Ilana Glazer, your aunt, your best friend in second grade who taught you how to swing on your own,veterans, ex-ISIS members who left behind their caliphate to pursue Buddhism, white males between the ages of 15 and 99, No. 99, and you." .. that's literally from their website (laughs), so by reading that, STRAP IN FOLKS, we're in for a wild ride!!

Now, The first half of the album almost makes it feel like a compilation album, with all the number of chefs in the kitchen. But, when those chefs happen to be top tier spitters like Dynamic, and bonafied legend Dan-e-o, it's more than excused in the bigger picture. Ultra Magnus  though, takes the reigns in the second half, with authority by delivering barrage upon barrage of bars. Unfortunately, it only slightly falters, but gets back on track with "Technicolor Dream" perfectly in time to close the album out.

Magnus Opus boasts a wide array of production, from classic boom bap, to futuristic , to even worldly with something you'd hear regularly if you were in the UK. DJ Slam oversees the space voyage like a true engineer would, with the only outside production on the album coming from Philosofly, and one of my favorite producers, Rayne Drop.


The overall runtime length of the cd being under an hour is an enjoyable listening experience, and ends up with Magnus Opus being another great addition to the Handsolo Records library, which can be found (and purchased) along with their other media at the following link(s):




Standout Track:


Junglist Soldier


Get a copy of the album "Magnus Opus" HERE


Rating: 3.5 out of 5

























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