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Neemz of Lava Cru Where are you from?


Neemz of Lava Cru: I’m a Kurdish/Persian producer from Iran. Spent 2 years as a refugee in Turkey till we got sponsored to Canada, in the year 2000, by family members from Winnipeg. So I guess you could say Winnipeg and moved out to London to pursue this “dream”. What got you into production?


Neemz of Lava Cru: Production is like speaking another language, because of my life and having to travel and not being in the same spot for to long I didn’t really know how to fully show and express myself, but with production I can put pieces of my soul into it and really say exactly what I want to say even though it’s just a instrumental. So I guess you could say the ability to speak without speaking got me into production. Would you consider yourself a beatmaker or producer, and why?


Neemz of Lava Cru: I think I consider myself more of a producer then a beat maker. Producers are versatile, able to guide big projects and take on more responsibility. Beat makers usually are stuck doing the same bounce and same sounding beats with no versatility. What programs and equipment do you typically use when producing?


Neemz of Lava Cru: I’ve been using FL Studios for 12 years now and didn’t have a midi keyboard till about a few years back. Was using my actual computer keyboard for many, many years. Today I use FL 12 with a 2 keyboards and a set of KRK’s. How long does it usually take you to make a beat?


Neemz of Lava Cru: Usually between 20-45 mins. I make an average of 3 beats a day, with over 8000 beats in my library. What part of the production process do you find the most challenging?


Neemz of Lava Cru: This question will differ depending on when you’d ask me, but right now I’d say that the beginning process is the most challenging, but once I get going there is no stopping me. What led to your style of production?


Neemz of Lava Cru: A lot of different genres of music. I actually didn’t even listen to Hip-Hop till about 2004, because I was still learning English. How do you think you differ from other producers?


Neemz of Lava Cru: I think different, and I put my soul into every beat I make. Who influenced your style?


Neemz of Lava Cru: Kanye West, J-Dilla, Tiesto, Black Milk, Timbaland, Pharrell, and  I’ve been keeping an eye on Hudson Mohawk and Flume. What piece of software and hardware could you not live without?


Neemz of Lava Cru: All I really need is Fruity Loops and some speakers and I can manifest gold. Dead or alive, who would be your dream collaboration?


Neemz of Lava CruJ-Dilla, Guru, Biggie, Jay-z, and Feist. What's the most successful or highest point in your career?


Neemz of Lava Cru: I have made some good friends with a few producers who are doing big things in the industry. Let's just say I’m giving them FIFA beatings when they're not busy travelling to Paris, and being on the billboards. What projects are you currently working on and what can we expect from you in 2016?


Neemz of Lava CruCurrently working on 3 big projects. Been working on an album for the past year and a half and its probably going to be released sometime in the fall. It’s called “Sky’s Falling” with and incredible artist named Kachinga. Also working on a separate collab project where I’m grabbing artists across the country and doing a small little mixtape, as of right now it's untitled. And finally releasing a beat tape. Expect a lot from our team in 2017. Any Final Shout-Outs?


Neemz of Lava Cru: The Lytics, thank you guys for the guidance.


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