yung casper Exclusive Interview:

YUNG CASPER Where are you from?


YUNG CASPER: Oshawa, Ontario. What got you into Hip Hop?


YUNG CASPER: Kriss Kross - my mom bought me a Kriss Kross Album "Totally Krossed Out" when I was a kid. I remember it was on a tape cassette and I used to walk around everywhere with it! How would you describe yourself as an artist?


YUNG CASPER: My roots of hip hop comes from old school rap / hip hop and I used to dabble in recording and rapping then decided to start battling but once I got into battling In KOTD format i wasn't making music much! My influences have changed and so has my new sound. My new influences are Travi$ Scott, Migos, and Young Thug! So basically as an artist you get a mix of a battle rapper meets that new school wave! What led to your style of delivery and beat-selection?


YUNG CASPER: My delivery I would say is from my battling style, but my beats are more Trill beats! How do you think you differ from other artists?


YUNG CASPER: In Canada especially I'd say I make more mainstream music! I feel like my peers are making songs like 90's style boom bap or trying to sound like Drake! Who influenced your style?


YUNG CASPER: Travi$ Scott, Migos, Young Thug. What ‘s the most important item in your music collection?


YUNG CASPER: I have a hat that 50 wore on stage at a show in Toronto! Dead or alive, who would be your dream collaboration?


YUNG CASPER: Travi$ Scott What's the most successful or highest point in your career?


YUNG CASPER: Doing this tour that I'm about to do! I teamed up with my homie from #BBA (Barker Booking Agency), and I am about to go on a 10 stop Tour across Ontario that I will be headlining starting August 20th in Toronto to promote my new song "Pilot", introducing my new sound! Any Final Shout-Outs?


YUNG CASPER: First off I want to thank Iceburgh Society Entertainment for the interview! I'd like to give a shoutout to all of the producer's I've been working with. They're definitely helping me with my sound right now and making it what it is. I'd also like to thank Dan Barker for helping me get my tour off the ground, and last but not least I'd like to thank all my family, friends & supporters.



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